Alexis tames the beast in Fontainebleau

Alexis Konstantin Zajetz


Psychologist, psychotherapist, sports scientist, climbing instructor (sports climbing, alpin climbing), training supervisor for climbing instructors (Austrian Government). Works in „Psychotherapie Salzburg„.

How I work with Climbing Therapy

Most of the time I work with single patients e.g. suffering form an anxiety disorder or depression.  Sometimes i get requests from the field of outdoor training with teams, than I combine climbing in or outdoor with classic high or low elements.


My professional life hast three parts: working as a classical psychotherapist sitting and talking, working as a climbing instructor training people to become a climbing instructor for the Austrian government and thirdly of course the combination of both:-), working as a psychotherapist using climbing as a medium. Since 2014 i give lectures at the University of Salzburg in the field of clinical psychology.
For 4 years i worked in a psychosomatic clinic in Germany.

What kind of climbing I like most

Bouldering in Fontainebleau is heavens for me but I like the let´s say other end of the spectrum also very much: multi pitch climbing which is easier to realize in Austria than Bouldering. It´s an unbelievable event of self-experience to dive into a crag and cope with all those emotional landscapes as a friend of mine named it.

Climbing therapy for Alexander..

Dr. Alexander Heimbeck


Sport scientist, climbing instructor (sports climbing), special qualification Outdoor Education, Yogainstructor- medical Yoga 500h+, currently employed at Schön Klinik Roseneck.

How I work with Climbing Therapy

Most of the time I work in groups with patients of a psychosomatic clinic with following diagnosis: obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety disorder, eating dissorders esp. anorexia nervosa, mood disorders, personality disorders, PTSD.


Since the year 2000 I’ve been working in the psychosomatic clinic “Schön Klinik Roseneck”. Meanwhile I’m the head of the sports- and movement therapy department. Hence I’m responsible for the sports- and movement therapy of about 520 patients. Since 2010 we’ve been offering therapeutic climbing with very good results. Furthermore I run a swimming school for children and give yoga lessons, which I love very much.

What kind of climbing I like most

Mostly I like to climb with my oldest son. We love to do long tours of multi pitches in the alps. But in my holydays I also like sports climbing– the most lovely place for me to do this, is Kalymnos.

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