ICT - Institute for Climbing Therapy

High quality in-house trainings in therapeutic climbing in
psychotherapy & experiential education

Since 2005 we offer high standard in-house training programs in the field of therapeutic climbing. All our instructors have a long history of using climbing in their realm. The trainings are precisely tailored according to your needs and your facility. And it´s the same with using climbing in your work or attending one of our trainings, climbing get´s us:-) with it´s intensity, focusing mind-body connection.

Contents of the 5 day program

In general we alternate between theory and practical parts to keep the program vivid and let you experience the theoretical issues. That´s what we will present you in detail:

  1. Identification and discussion of “experiential qualities”. We tried to identify all different aspects what climbing set´s in motion in people´s minds like: trust, fear, self esteem, self efficacy, planning (training of the executive functions), borders (to deal with them, to go over them sometimes), performance (who much pressure do I put on me in climbing concerning my level of performance), body (e.g. in the sense of relaxation and tension, where do I feel emotions in my body, breathing), social aspects, attention, enjoying/happiness and some more. For these aspects we tried to find settings, which trigger them in a person in a group. So we discuss who to choose the right exercises.
  1. Discussion of different mental disorders like depression, anxiety disorder, OCD, ADHD, personality disorders e.g. BPD in there relation to climbing: what can we expect when people with this disorders climb with us and who can we use climbing (the direct experience but also social factors) to influence these disorders through climbing.
  1. We identify typical settings in the field of experiential education, mostly for the work with social organizations but also in the field of profit oriented firms (teams).
  1. Level of verbal interventions: we tried to put all aspects of verbal interventions on a scale and discuss these in relation to people´s professions because we have participants from various fields (like social workers, doctors/m.d., psychologists, experiential educators, climbing teachers and so on) and needs of the clients or situation of a therapeutic group.

Climbing Therapy in Psychotherapy & Experiential Education (Pedagogy):

This course offers 5 days packed with practical exercises, theory and room for planning and discussing your future ventures in Climbing Therapy. Or you want to brush-up up your existing programs. What’s a really joy in it self:

Climbing Therapy Course: „Instructor Physical Therapy“