ICT - Institute for Climbing Therapy

In-house trainings: therapeutic climbing in
psychotherapy & experiential education


Due to the Corona crises and the uncertainty concerning traveling respectively travel restrictions we will not conduct courses in until July 2022. But we will provide you asap with any information about courses after this date!


Since 2005 we offer high standard courses and in-house training programs in the field of therapeutic climbing. We are situated in Austria (Europe). All our instructors have a long history of using climbing in their realm. The trainings are precisely tailored according to your needs and your (climbing) facility or wall. It’s the same for you, our clients and us: climbing gets you:-)


Our international course and in-house programs center on the therapeutical use of climbing in the psychosocial use: social workes, experiantial educators, psychologists and psychotherapists, social pedagogy, teachers, psychiatric nursing, physiotherapists and occupational therapists working in psychiatry and so forth.