it´s that focus we all know in climbing...

About the Institute for Climbing Therapy


It all started when we opened our Climbing Gym in the town of Salzburg (Austria) in 2005. We commenced with ordinary courses but soon we began to teach climbing instructors (in Austria this is a matter of the State). And two of us where psychologist/Psychotherapist (Alexis) and an experiential educator (Albert) which inevitably lead us to use climbing in our fields. It worked so well in both of these areas that after some years we began to give courses (in Austria) for interested practitioners from very different psycho-social fields. And every year after we got more and more emails from around the world from people asking if we could come to their countries and conduct in-house trainings.


Theory & Practice of Teaching

We think a lot about the pedagogic concept of our courses and try to adept our contents respectively methods to every specific group. A basic method is that we alternate constantly between theory and practice, so that you won’t sit for a long time and the combination of learning something and to experience it will be possible. Another concepts that we count on is the neurobiology of learning and John Hattie´s scientific findings.