climbing therapy: therapy with a smile...

appropriate for a wide range of patients

Instructor Therapeutic Climbing Physiotherapy


Date 2020

MONDAY, June 15th, 2020  (10:00 AM) –
FRIDAY, June. 19th, 2020 (3:30 PM)



Climbing Gym „K3“ in the town of Bad Ischl (Austria, Europe)
a modern Climbing Gym in a very beautiful mountain region in Austria, there are also some lakes in the vicinity, so maybe you want to extend your stay as holidays.


Who can attend the courses?

Physiotherapists, occupational therapists, doctors (M.D.), sport scientists with special knowledge. Concerning your climbing skills: it is highly recommended that you have already experienced climbing and are able to climb and belay toprope at least. But it´s not required that you have a professional training as a climbing instructor.


Goal of the course

To qualifying the participants to plan and conduct therapeutic interventions (physiotherapy, occupational therapy) using climbing as a tool for different orthopedic including the choice of exercises and the verbal interactions before, during and after the action.


Course Instructors


Rudolf Steckholzer
Physiotherapist, climbing trainer, ski and snowboard instructor, head of the center for physiotherapy „Physio-Box“ Vienna

Alexis Konstantin Zajetz
Sports scientist, climbing instructor (sports climbing, alpin climbing), training supervisor for climbing instructors (Austrian Government), psychologist, psychotherapist



Contents of the 5 day climbing therapy course

Specific climbing part (2.5 days), main goal: perfect understanding of climbing moves

  • Structure/phases of climbing moves
  • Basic climbing techniques: holding, perfect footwork, positioning of the center of gravity
  • Special climbing techniques: Rotation of the body, dynos, upholding,…
  • Climbing Games
  • Exercises for sensitization (balance, speed, tension/relaxation,..)
  • How to screw or tape boulders for special movements
  • How to build a climbing wall
  • legal aspects, insurance
  • Safety issues: Spotting, belaying (toprope) for special needs

Specific therapeutical climbing part (2.5 days)

  • Introduction to the different fields of application within Therapeutic Climbing (amongst others):
    orthopaedics, neurology, paediatrics, management of chronic pain.
  • Analysis of the coordinative, strengthening, mobilizing und stabilizing effects of climbing.
  • Anatomical and physiological aspects of Therapeutic Climbing.
  • The use of the climbing wall for thearpeutic purposes: potential and limitations.
  • Problem-oriented development and practical application of therapeutical climbing exercises
    with respect to different clinical pictures and wound healing phases.
  • Concrete practical example cases



Course Fee

€ 628 + 20% VAT = € 753,-

The fee includes the entrance fee for the climbing gym.