ICT - Institute for Climbing Therapy

High standard courses in therapeutic climbing:
psychotherapy / experiential education
physical therapy 

Since 2005 we offer high standard training programs in the field of therapeutic climbing. All our instructors have a long history of using climbing in their realm. Our courses take place in Austria (Europe). We also offer in-house courses in your town, gym or hospital. And it´s the same with using climbing in your work or attending one of our courses, climbing get´s us:-) with it´s intensity, focusing mind-body connection.

Climbing Therapy in Psychotherapy & Experiential Education (Pedagogy):

This course offers 5 days packed with practical exercises, theory and room for planning and discussing your future ventures in Climbing Therapy. Or you want to brush-up up your existing programs. What’s a really joy in it self:

Climbing Therapy Course: „Instructor Physical Therapy“